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porifera.net lab

@ Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany

Research topics

Tethya rot rosaOur "lab-rat" for most of our investigations is Tethya wilhelma, a previously unknown species, we found in 1999 the aquarium of the zoological-botanical garden "Wilhelma" (see external link: Wilhelma ). The advantage of this species is that it is small and reproduces asexually by budding, so we can easily maintain, cultivate and breed it in a tropical aquarium of around 100 l size.

Currently we focus on the following topics:
  • Characterization of sponge contractions and underlying rhythms
  • Physiological characterization of signal substances, receptors and inhibitors involved in the coordination of sponge contraction
  • Molecular characterization of genes involved in sponge contraction
  • Structural characterization of the functional morphology and biomechanics of sponge contraction (statics and dynamics)
  • Asexual reproduction of sponges
  • Systematics, phylogeny and evolution of the genus Tethya
For detailed information, see our research section.