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porifera.net lab

@ Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany

Spongilla Noveau est arrivée

Spongilla Noveau est arrivée ...

On a sunny February 26, some strollers on a promenade at Lake Constance wondered about a lonely snorker working at the pilars of a landing pier assisted by a landbased person. Michael opened the snorkeling season at enjoyable water/air temperatures of 4°C. Not just for fun - even though in a good diving suit it was easy going for more than 30 min. The whole operation well paid off. Michael was able to collect Spongilla lacustris gemmules which will be enough for the next 12 months of intense work, including collaborative studies with Gert Wörheide in Munich. Thanks to Ralf Boss who kindely provided on-site information and assitance and to Birgit Nickel for pier assistance in the cold wind ...