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@ Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Germany

Article Nickel et al. (2011) featured in Inside JEB

A colony of Tethya wilhelma in our aquarium Our latest article (Nickel et al. 2011, J. Exp. Biol 214,1692-1698) is featured in an editorial article inthe section Inside JEB of the Journal of Experimental Biology 214. Read this article here ...

The original article is Nickel, M, Scheer, C, Hammel, JU, Herzen, J and Beckmann, F (2011), "The contractile sponge epithelium sensu lato – body contraction of the demosponge Tethya wilhelma is mediated by the pinacoderm ", Journal of Experimental Biology, 214: 1692-1698.