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@ Friedrich-Schiller-Universit├Ąt Jena, Germany

Recent projects

Co-evolution of contraction and integration

Tethya rot rosaSponges are sessile filter feeding animas, but nevertheless they exhibit behaviours which base on movement and hence temporarary structural modifications of their tissue and skeletons. In most cases, these movements are so slow that they are not easily recognized by an observer without technical support. In some species, these movements are much faster and can be recognized and recorded more easily. Especially specimens of the genus Tethya display movements in form of body dislocation, contraction and formation of body extensions.

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Functional morphology, physiology and genomics of sponge contraction


Biomechanics of contraction and spicule reinforced tissues in sponges


Functional morphology, physiology and genomics of asexual reproduction in sponges




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