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porifera.net lab

@ Friedrich-Schiller-Universit├Ąt Jena, Germany


SpongeTet-180Here is a selection of some of our videos. Please feel free to use them for teaching purpose.

Please note:

Copyright for all videos by porifera.net lab, Michael Nickel & Co-authors.

Contraction of Oscarella lobularis (Homoscleromorpha)

A time lapse series of regular contraction of Oscarella lobularis (Homoscleromorpha). This movie was filmed on Isola del giglio (Italy) and is an electronic supplement to the publication Nickel, M (2010), "Evolutionary emergence of synaptic nervous systems: what can we learn from the non-synaptic, nerveless Porifera?", Invertebrate Biology, 129: 1-16 .

Copyright by M. Nickel; no unauthorised copying, distribution or broadcasting. Feel free to use it for teaching purpose.

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Sponge movie of the month - June 2009

This is rather a classic: the first virtual fly through a sponge canal system based on high resolution microtomography imaging of our pet Tethya wilhelma. The movie is also a supplement to the original publication Nickel et al. (2006) Zoomorphology 125: 209-223 .

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